Axe Cop Cake

For my niece’s sixth birthday we decided on an Axe Cop theme.  Axe Cop’s favorite food is birthday cake with a candle of himself on it, so I took that as my starting place for the cake.

The cake is lemon-flavored, so it’s Axe Cop – with lemon!  (If that doesn’t make any sense to you – read this.)

Axe Cop cake

Axe Cop cake

The cake topper is gum paste with axe candles in his hands.  The gum paste comic panels around the sides are all of Axe Cop’s team members with their catch phrases.  The gum paste heads are bad guys heads that Axe Cop has chopped off.

Axe Cop cake

Axe Cop cake

Axe Cop cake

Axe Cop cake

Axe Cop cake

Axe Cop cake

Axe Cop also has a robot that lives in his moustache and hands him weapons at need.  So I made robot arms holding a chocolate axe and concealed them inside the cake.  Right before we served the cake, Alex flipped the switch and the arm smashed dramatically out of the cake.  Sadly, the chocolate axe broke on the way out, but I had a spare on hand for the photo op.

Axe Cop cake

18 thoughts on “Axe Cop Cake

  1. Well, I for one am in awe. Amazing work. I honestly can’t pick which element of this cake I find most impressive.

  2. I do not know how I got to your blog but I have to say your work is incredible. You are so very talented 🙂

  3. Your work is brilliant!
    I don’t know if you would accept this, but can I pass on the ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award to you?
    I am so impressed!
    Moo x

  4. I just have to comment. I found your blog years ago and was amazed at your gruesome cakes- fabulous! But I must say that you are so very talented that I hope you get an offer for a show on cable! You aren’t surrounded by an entourage who does a lot of the work for you- *cough*Duff,Buddy*cough*- from what I read you do the majority of it all and you do it so beautifully and with such an eye for detail! I hope your family and friends realize (i bet they do) how lucky they are to be the recipients of your fantastic work! Bravo!!

  5. Thanks! You are correct that I do the work myself, with occasional help from my sister. And believe me, if Food Network were calling, I’d be answering!

  6. This is pretty much the baddest-ass (bad-assest?) cake I’ve ever seen. Met you at lunch at BlogHer today. I’m showing this pic around backstage at Jersey Boys and we’re all damn impressed. Nice work!

  7. Very impressed by your work!! These are awesome and truly works of art…bravo! These projects must take days of planning and execution…how long did this one take? It was great meeting you at blogher this past weekend…

  8. Wow! I am not sure what else I can say. You are so talented. I love your cakes and your attention to the details. Amazing!

    I loved meeting you at the Come As You Are party at BlogHer. It was great to share ComicCon, Dr. Who and Firefly stories. I hope you made it home safely. Take care

    I can’t wait to see what cakes you creat next.

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  10. This is the most original, incredible cake, I’ve ever seen. You must be the most awesome mom in the universe!

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