Rapunzel’s Castle

Candies used:
Large and small jelly beans, pink and white mint lozenges, Snowcaps, large
and small non-pariels, Necco wafers, chocolate rocks, Tart N Tinies, gold
and silver dragees, rainbow sprinkles, royal icing, rolled fondant

I assembled the tower then covered it with jelly beans and non-pariels. I
then added details like Tart N Tinies and dragees and drew vines and
flowers on the tower with royal icing. I drew the flowers and the hanging
tower details with royal icing on wax paper. After they dried, I attached
them. The grass is royal icing, applied with a grass decorating tip, with
individual blades added between the “paving stones.” Rapunzel, the prince,
and the witch are colored rolled fondant, which I made from scratch, with
royal icing details and rainbow sprinkle irises.

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