Lord Voldemort Pumpkin

*2016-10-29 23.29.11

I somehow never seem to have much time for pumpkin carving these days, probably because I now spend the month of October making Halloween costumes for my nephews. But this year we decided to go the store-bought route for our Harry Potter costumes, so I had a little time. I wanted to practice my 3-d pumpkin sculpting, so I made this little Lord Volde-pumpkin.

Raven Pumpkin

In my 11th consecutive year of entering the Pumpkinmasters carving contest, this is the pumpkin that finally won me the Grand Prize! Inspired by the ravens at the Tower of London, I think it represented my most effective use of textures to date.

Musical Pumpkins

Every now and then I try to go in an uncharacteristic direction with a simple, yet compelling design. Simple isn’t really my strong suit, so they’re generally not all that good. This one is no exception. I would characterize it as mediocre at best. Even the progression of notes is dull, both visually and aurally.

Howling Wolves Pumpkin

Generally, I’m not a big fan of the pumpkins that define an object by silhouetting it against the moon. I think it’s overdone and simplistic enough that it usually indicates a poor command of the medium. But I did it anyway. And apparently it was good enough to win first prize in the Pumpkinmasters “Animals” category.

Carnival of Horrors Pumpkin

This is my second attempt to create a circus-based pumpkin. I was trying to create a dynamic composition, juxtaposing the undulating curve of the roller coaster with the self-contained unity of the circular, be-skulled ferris wheel. It didn’t really work, though. Especially with the big flag, it wound up looking very static and uninteresting. I guess I’ll have to try again.

Tombstone Pumpkin

I’m not sure why I even bothered to carve this pumpkin, considering that I had just carved a much better one with four tombstone inscriptions. It might have made sense if I had taken advantage of the more focused subject matter to include more of the detail and texture of the tombstone, but I didn’t. Even the font is boring.