Guardian Skywatcher cake


For his 9th birthday, my nephew asked for Guardian Skywatcher from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you aren’t familiar with it, it look something like this:

skywatcher cropped

This was one of those cakes of which I just underestimated the difficulty. In retrospect, the difficulties should have been obvious. The shape of the Guardian Skywatcher is very undercut. It has pieces suspended off the sides by thin supports. The propellers are wide at the tips but narrow in the center. And the entire thing is flying. None of these things are easy to achieve in cake.

Yet I blundered into the project with big ambitions but minimal preparation. Long story short, it was almost, but not quite, a total disaster. Attaching the pieces on the sides was a nightmare. The propellers all broke before the party. Even the pink piping gel I used for the glowing sections faded before the party started. On the bright side, at least the entire structure didn’t collapse, which was a real possibility.

*003 20180106 Sams birthday party DSC_5250

Overall, clearly not my strongest work, but my nephew, who is among the sweetest people in the world, loved it anyway.

Candles are lit

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