Entbrat Halloween costume


This is an Entbrat from a video game called My Singing Monsters.


The headpiece is made of foam core and bristol board, with horns sculpted from crumpled newspaper wrapped in masking tape. The whole thing is covered in felt. Lips, tongue, and teeth are made of craft foam colored with marker. The feet are craft foam covered with felt and the rest of the costume is just store-bought shirt and pants with felt leaves glued on and a belly button drawn on.


Miss Fritter Cake

Miss Fritter 1

Look – it’s  another  Cars-based  cake! And one of my best, if I do say so myself.

If you’re not an avid follower of the Cars franchise, you might not be familiar with Miss Fritter, so if you need to get up to speed, here’s a video clip.

Miss Fritter 2

I’m really happy with how well this one turned out. All the detail is gum paste and royal icing. The hand painting was particularly fun to do.

Miss Fritter 3

I also put Lighting McQueen’s number 95 in the middle of the cake because the birthday boy loves numbers.


The nice thing about this cake was that I could just buy the die-cast toy version of Miss Fritter and measure and scale it up. Then I gave the toy to the birthday boy for his present, so it all worked out perfectly.

Miss Fritter 4

Here is the cake Miss Fritter next to the toy version I modeled it after and the slightly smaller toy version that the birthday boy already had.

Miss Fritter 6