Mega Rayquaza Cake

My niece wanted a Mega Rayquaza cake. If you’re not familiar with Mega Rayquaza, it looks something like this:

Mega_Rayquaza_Mega_Evolution_Special (1)

It’s not really the most conducive shape for a cake, but I like a challenge. It’s made by threading little cylinders of cake, reinforced with discs of chocolate, over a bent steel rod. *IMG_3387

The details are all fondant and gum paste, except for the weird trailing tendril things, which are gelatin.


It wound up being extremely bouncy, which made the drive from our house to the park where the party was kind of stressful and it did suffer some slight damage along the way.

All in all, not my cleanest work ever, but a pretty cool shape to build out of cake nonetheless.


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