Lord Voldemort Pumpkin

*2016-10-29 23.29.11

I somehow never seem to have much time for pumpkin carving these days, probably because I now spend the month of October making Halloween costumes for my nephews. But this year we decided to go the store-bought route for our Harry Potter costumes, so I had a little time. I wanted to practice my 3-d pumpkin sculpting, so I made this little Lord Volde-pumpkin.

Cars Pit Crew Cake

My little friend Isaac really likes the pit crews from Cars. Fortunately, if there is one thing I’m good at, it’s making anthropomorphic vehicles out of gum paste. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of experience.

20161009 Issacs 10th birthday DSC_1556 (1)

Because I also like to build automata, I decided to make the pit crew dance.

20161009 Issacs 10th birthday DSC_1558 (1)

I really wanted to make it voice activated, with a headset like the pit crew boss. I have successfully made a voice activated automaton before, but for some reason I couldn’t get this one to work so I had to settle for a switch. In the end, the switch was probably better because it was easier for Isaac to use than the voice activation would have been and he really enjoyed turning it on and off while carefully examining the mechanism.

20161009 Issacs 10th birthday DSC_1550

The actual cake is the tires behind the pit crew. They’re a basic sponge cake with a raspberry or blackberry jam filling, with modeling chocolate treads, dipped in dark chocolate.

Cake covered with sculpted modeling chocolate and dipped in dark chocolate

They were kind of like really fancy Donettes. Which is to say they were fabulous. If I do say so myself.