Terraria Celestial Event Cake

011 20160319 Nathans 10th birthday party  DSC_2904

Nathan, for his 10th birthday, requested a Terraria celestial event cake, with a four-sided pillar, each side of which corresponds to a phase of the celestial event – Nebula, Stardust, Vortex, and Solar – and includes the appropriate monsters.

2016-03-17 23.51.32

Fortunately, after Sam’s last Terraria cake, I am expert at painting pixel-y gum paste Terraria characters. The guy on the side is Nathan’s avatar, with a Horseman’s Blade, which he specifically requested.

Nathan's avatar with giant sword. Note the individually hand-painted pixels.

The tower is cake, mounted on a pipe connected to a bevel gear, so that the cake can be turned with a crank.


Hand crank

I wanted to make the backdrop change color to correspond with the celestial event phase, so I made a light box like the one I made for the Terraria Blood Moon Cake. Inside are strips of LED tape in pink, yellow, blue, and green. When the cake turned, a strip of copper tape on the gear created electrical connections that lit the appropriate color LEDs as each side of the pillar came to the fore. It quite well at home, but the party was outside on a sunny day, so with that much ambient light the color change was virtually imperceptible.

Pink is the Nebula Pillar

026 20160319 Nathans 10th birthday party  DSC_2937

Blue Stardust Pillar

024 20160319 Nathans 10th birthday party  DSC_2954

As usual, I made about four times as much cake as the party required.

Inside is vanilla layer cake with buttercream icing