Star Wars cake

2013-03-09 15.36.43

For his seventh birthday, Nathan had very specific cake specifications.  He wanted a cake being cut in half by a light saber with “Jedi trainers” around the sides.  The only Jedi trainers he could specifically name were Yoda and Obi-Wan, which isn’t surprising, because he’s only seen Episodes IV, V, and VI.  So I found a picture of the Jedi Council and went with that.

2013-03-09 15.35.23 2013-03-09 15.41.05

The light saber is a combination of poured sugar and pressed sugar with a string of LEDs embedded in it.  The handle of the light saber is gum paste.  The Jedi trainers are also gum paste, hand painted with food coloring.  I’m particularly pleased with the candle light sabers.

2013-03-09 15.41.27 2013-03-09 15.42.32 2013-03-09 17.41.16